Ophthalmology I: Ophthalmic Diagnostics and Introduction to Surgery of the Eyelids

One-day workshop for Vets

This course is designed to develop your skills so you can increase the repertoire of your clinical abilities. Our ophthalmology workshop provides high detail, focused practical teaching for a specific number of common and important ophthalmic situations and problems.

Key Learning Areas: 
  • Ophthalmic examination - Extraocular and reflex testing
  • Ophthalmic examination - Intraocular
  • Fundamental principles of eyelid surgery
  • Fundus examination 
  • Hotz-celsus for entropion
  • Wedge resection for eyelid tumour
  • Modified morgan pocket technique for prolapsed nictitans gland (cherry eye)
Additional information: 

CPD AU: 16 points
CPD NZ: 8 points

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Dr Kellam Bayley