Meniscus Surgery

One-Day workshop for Vets

Do you find assessing the meniscus challenging? Not sure how to treat or prevent meniscal disease?

This practical full-day surgical workshop is for all vets who perform cruciate surgery, no matter what procedure you use. It focuses on the techniques, equipment and decision-making used in mini-arthrotomies. By the end of the day, delegates should finish the course feeling confident in managing patients with meniscal disease.

Key Learning Areas: 
  • Perform epidural anaesthesia
  • Approach the meniscus through a medial and lateral mini-arthrotomy
  • Practice tips and tricks that increase visualisation of stifle anatomy
  • Use with confidence a stifle distractor, meniscal probe, pull-knife and push-knife
  • Perform meniscal surgery: probing, therapeutic release, prophylactic release and partial meniscectomy, and understand the pros and cons
  • Become confident in applying evidence-based decision-making to your patients
UVG & Vetcentric Member Cost: 
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Expected value: 
16 points